Authorisation is requested for a specified WILDCARE Inc volunteer to undertake voluntary work as detailed below.

Note: Staff must ensure that a WILDCARE member authorised through this process completes a WILDCARE time sheet when providing volunteer assistance.

Long-term projects: Individual authorisations are only granted for a membership year (i.e. up to 31st December each year). If your project and need for individual authorisation extends into the following membership year, authority needs to be re-obtained prior to 31st December and new membership numbers MUST be quoted.

Important note: Authorisations of individuals is handled by the volunteer Co-Chairperson (elected) therefore a minimum of 3 workings days is required for individual requests to be authorised. Please ensure details are concise (e.g. tasks undertaken, dates, etc) as delays in authorisation will occur if the Co-Chairperson (elected) has to follow up on the request.

Individual Authorisation formally recognises and records that a member is undertaking the identified work as a WILDCARE volunteer, making the member eligible to submit a claim to WILDCARE’s insurer in the event of an accident. It does not replace any legally required permits or licenses associated with the volunteer activity. It does not guarantee a successful insurance claim.

Wildlife Carers should complete this Individual Authorisation Request Form so that their volunteer activity as a WILDCARE member is recorded.