Your donation to the Raptor cause will help Tasmania’s birds of prey continue to soar in our skies.

Projects may include:

  • Rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of raptors
  • Education and awareness programs about raptors and their conservation

Projects will often be value-added with the efforts of volunteers.

Wildcare Tasmania is pleased to work in partnership with Raptor Refuge (Kettering Tasmania). Some of the beautiful birds Raptor Refuge has cared for are highlighted in this short video.  Recent grants have supported the construction of very large aviaries at Raptor Refuge to provide expansive flight arenas for raptors that are being rehabilitated.

Wildcare Tasmania currently takes a $0 admin fee from donations.  We know that a $0 fee is rare and we work hard to maintain this.  When interest rates are very low, maintaining a $0 fee becomes challenging and we review the situation ongoing.  If you would like to support us, please know that your donation helps.  You can also help by joining us as a member


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