Lumeah Point is a ‘pan handle’ on the north western side of Pipeclay Lagoon, with Cremorne to the east and Clifton Beach to the south. The area is home to just over 40 residences and has nurtured several generations of youngsters over the past 40+ years.

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Lumeah Point is 6.5 klms south of Lauderdale near Hobart. It lies between Cremorne and Clifton Beach. It is a wonderful place to live, even though the wind can sometimes blow from every direction at once! The many moods of Pipeclay Lagoon are forever changing and there is never a time when there is nothing worth looking at!

What we do

We undertake a range of work from clearing weeds to removing feral oysters from the foreshore.

We formed Wildcare – Friends of Lumeah Point in early 2014 to ensure both residents and community groups can work together with Crown Land Services (CLS) to protect and enhance the foreshore which is managed by CLS. It has always been maintained by individual residents who looked after their patch outside the fence but gradually, feral oysters, dust, weeds and access have become issues to be dealt with. The committee has submitted a Management Plan to Crown Lands for authority so that our community can participate in regular working bees to initially remove feral oysters and do basic track work and signage. The five year plan also incorporates weed management, appropriate planting and feral animal control.

On 1 March 2014, the residents elected members of the Wildcare – Friends of Lumeah Point Committee, endorsed the Management Plan and participated in a Sausage Sizzle to celebrate the formation of what we hope will lead to the strengthening of a vibrant and co-operative community where many more generations will have the opportunity to grow live and grow.

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Our Contacts

President: Garry Hulme