The Wildcare Friends of Orange-bellied Parrot coordinates volunteers and assists with research activities under the National Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery Plan. A core part of our activities is the provision of volunteers to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment’s observation program at Melaleuca each summer.

Where we work

The Wildcare Friends of the OBP group undertakes work throughout the OBP’s range.

What we do

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Assist with the observation at Melaleuca (SW Tasmania)
  • Conduct migration and winter surveys
  • Assist with OBP habitat management projects
  • Raise awareness of the plight of the OBP
  • Raise funds to support the activities of volunteers and other recovery actions

Our volunteers spend two weeks observing Orange-bellied Parrots visiting the feed tables, recording individual colour-bands and nest observations. This data is collected for the department’s OBP Management Group to monitor survival and breeding success of wild and captive-bred release birds. Members of our group also conduct surveys during the northern migration (March-June) along the north-west coast and on King Island. We also assist our counterparts on the mainland with winter surveys. An increasingly important role of FOOBP is recovery program advocacy and fund raising. We are currently involved in some exciting new projects and, through a range of partnerships, we hope to raise much needed funds to support our volunteers and other parts of the recovery program.



Visit the GALLERY to view images of the Friends of the OBP in action.

Our Contacts

President – Marianne Gee;

Treasurer – Will Oliver

Secretary – Marg Cranney