Our group helps to maintain the cultural heritage on Three Hummock Island by keeping tracks and roads open so that visitors to this beautiful place can experience a truly remote Tasmanian island.

Who we are


Where we work

Three Hummock Island is located 25 nautical miles NNW of the town of Smithton on the North West Coast of Tasmania. It is part of the Hunter Island Group and covers an area of approximately 70 square kilometer.

What we do

Our group was formed to assist the Accommodation Managers and Parks & Wildlife on Three Hummock Island in keeping the many tracks around the Island open so that visitors can experience and explore this beautiful place and its cultural heritage.


President   Lesleigh Griffin lesleigh53@hotmail.com

Secretary    Billie Hicks  billie53@hotmail.com

Treasurer   Peter Rissi  peter.rissi@gmail.com