The purpose of our group is to upgrade then maintain the existing walking track on the northern slopes of St Valentines Peak. This will prevent the erosion and track degradation currently caused by the increasing number of users who are wishing to access this unique alpine environment.

Who we are

The group is made up of community members working in conjunction with Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service and Forico.

Where we work

St Valentines Peak is a prominent mountain on the north west coast of Tasmania only 30 minutes’ drive south of Burnie. The current track up the northern face from the end of Kara Rd was constructed in 1995 to ensure continued easy access for the public.

The track can be accessed by turning down Upper Natone Road from Hampshire then following Kara Rd until the Tasmanian Mines entrance. Please be aware that large trucks use Kara Rd during the week, they use UHF channel 26 to alert their presence using the signs that have been erected. Do not drive past the mine gates, follow the spur road to the left for another 1.3km until reaching the car park.

The walk takes approximately 4 hours return and is very exposed at the summit. Ensure you are prepared for rapid weather changes at any time of the year. Mobile phone reception is patchy on the lower slopes but improves as height is gained.

Planned track improvements include additional boardwalk sections, track markers and a bridge over Old Park river.

Maps can be found in the Files tab.

What we do

Liaising with landowners on proposed maintenance activities, carrying out track vegetation clearing, upgrading sections, keeping infrastructure in good condition and improving the walking experience into the future. Our group aims to provide more information to potential users and be the single point of contact for issues that arise in the area.

WARNING: Please be advised that due to a planned logging operation by Sustainable Timbers Tasmania there will be heavy machinery and trucks using the 700m section of track on Black Pit road from 26th April to 30th August. Please use caution when in this area and move out of the way of vehicles as required.


President: James Dick

Secretary: Brian Rollins

Treasurer: Rodney Walker