In July, Wildcare was approached by a group of students from the Fahan School looking for a way to become involved.

The group of year eight students felt a strong connection to nature and wanted to support conservation efforts being achieved at Wildcare.

“We chose Wildcare because a lot of people don’t realise how much we treasure our wild places, and how special it is to know that these places are being kept nice and natural thanks to the work of Wildcare volunteers,” said year eight student, Poppy.

Math teacher Virginie said, “they all love animals, most have pets, and they love our school grounds. Nature is good for them.”

The group of students decided to raise money for Wildcare through a fundraiser which involved probability games they had designed in math class. There were twenty games available, and it cost between 50c and $2 per game. Students from all different year groups came to play the games over the lunchtime session.







“The day went really well, it was great how many people came to play our games and help us raise money,” said year 8 student, Chloe.

If you are a school looking to get involved and want to hold your own fundraiser, please email the Wildcare team at