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 After visiting the site off Kalang Avenue  some months ago I was expecting a patch of live Erica, but it looks like that a spray team has been in since and it mostly dead. The few outbreaks well inside the bushline were still there but didn’t take long to clear, although there was a considerable number of very small blackberry starting the generate in the outskirts where a management burn had taken place. Not all the blackberry was removed and spraying may be required in the near future.

View down the open area with some native grasses starting to move in now that the Erica has gone
It was a little concerning that we might run out of work too early in the day, but sufficient was found including few small plants in locations previously worked, but these latter areas closest to the park boundary were generally in good shape.  There were several comments about how the central part of the land was now so much improved since the council commenced clearing the massive Erica invasion; a very pleasing outcome indeed.
A group of four handicapped workers and two supervisors walked in during the morning to provide help to us, but also for them to find out what it is like working in the bush environment.
Our weather was mostly pleasant and the couple of showers that did come through didn’t last for long. Morning break and lunch were in sunshine and gentle warmth in this sheltered valley.
Morning coffee
The photo album is at this link.
Photos of the open area in 2014 and 2016
Regrowing wattles March 2014 and November 2016


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