Whenever our Wildcare members travel upon the waters of Macquarie Harbour, they look for fish farms trash littering the shores.

While recently undertaking survey work, Friends of Macquarie Harbour acting president, Trevor Norton and Wildcare member Rob Harris inspected the shores near Pine Cove. There they collected a heap of fish farm ropes and buoys shown in this photo as it was being taken to the local tip.

Collected Fish Farm Trash

Collected Fish Farm Trash – Pine Cove

Trash collected on Steadman Beach



A week before that, Friends of Macquarie Harbour Secretary Jack Binder, and Wildcare member Judith Binder, surveyed the shores of Sarah Island and adjacent harbour shores in their kayak. They found too much fish farm trash to cart away, so they have compiled a list of GPS locations of their finds, complete with photos.

Following that, Jack and Jude worked with PWS and fish farm workers to retrieve a steel column, the remains from a marker buoy. And while doing this, they found what appears to be a complete coil of plastic rope lying within the low growth in the rocks offshore of Sarah Island. Here is an interesting and dramatic video of the event.

Use the gear to select 720P for best viewing – https://youtu.be/oRNtirh6LL4