Thanks to a recent grant from Wildcare’s Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund, Wildlife Rehab Retreat have commenced work on a wombat enclosure and wallaby shelter.

The objective is to provide a safe and enriching environment for the rearing of orphaned juvenile wombats and wallabies who come into care, thus ensuring they are heathy, happy and stimulated whilst adhering to all relevant guidelines for wildlife rehabilitation.

The construction of an interim wombat enclosure will enable juvenile wombats to be cared for in the early stages of their development. The project incorporates an existing shed with a concret floor, with the addition of an appropriately fenced and secure outside area.

To provide an uncluttered starting point in the transformation of shed to wombat enclosure, a large skip bin from Skip To Tip (who provided a very helpful discount :-)) was filled to the brim!

Thanks also, to Saffire Freycinet for their support of this project.

Watch this space for further updates!