We’re pleased to announce that Wildcare’s Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund is open to receive applications for Round 1 of 2022, from 4th April to 12pm, 12th May.

The Wildcare Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund Grants open twice per year, in March- April and Oct-Nov.

The Wildcare Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund Prospectus provides information about the governance of the Fund, donation causes and past grants.

The Report to Donors 2021 provides information about recent grants.

All applications to the Wildcare TNCF are assessed by the Wildcare Grants Assessment Committee.

Who may apply?

Applications may be made by Wildcare groups, Wildcare’s organisational partners and individuals.

How to apply?


An acquittal for any past grant will need to be submitted before an application can be made for a second grant, unless alternative arrangements have been made. Acquittals demonstrate that money has been spent as intended and they allow stories about achievements to be shared.

Sometimes things don’t work out as intended though for many different reasons, so an acquittal may also be a request to defer expenditure or to reframe the original purpose of the grant.

Enquiries to Sharon Smith