If you are new to Wildcare or simply want to learn more about how we work, join Wildcare CEO, Sharon Smith, and Member Services Coordinator, Kim Willing in this ‘Find out about Wildcare’ Zoom info session.

Learn how we connect volunteers and philanthropy with on-ground conservation projects and discover the range of opportunities to get involved.

Meet a group leader. Find out what makes us tick. Ask questions. Become part of the Wildcare conversation. Be inspired.

When? May 20th, 12noon – 1pm

Where? Online via Zoom

Register through eventbrite here.

It was a valuable call and good to see some faces on Zoom – it gave a feeling of getting involved in something real rather than it just being a PowerPoint presentation with no personality.


I enjoyed joining in the conversation with you and Sharon and hearing from the other new members about their backgrounds and interests and the activities they have been involved with. It is great that no matter where you live in Tassie there are groups with a range of Wildcare roles. I was good to see their locations on the map and to hear that you can take part in various events in other parts of the state.

I have found it easy to connect with several of the branches I was interested in. They have responded with further information and ways to keep in touch with what they are doing. Facebook is an easy way to follow many of them. Hopefully I will be able to meet some of their members face to face before long.

Thanks and best wishes,


Thanks so much for the encouraging recent meeting . It was such a warm welcome . I have since had a message from Phil and he has arranged to meet me tomorrow morning … I’m so amazed, ( when everyone is so stretched and busy). I really hope I can contribute in some way to help preserve our precious natural places.

Thanks again,