Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

Goat Hills

With 8 places for volunteers in the vehicles available it is always going to be unknown if there will be room for everyone, but ton this occasion we had the number to fill the spots and so no one had to walk up the steep track to Goat Hills.   The return trip is a different story as there is only one vehicle for that there was 4 ready volunteers for that. When the very steep section was reached it prompted discussion of the alternative route down and we have resolved to try to work a car shuffle next time by leaving a vehicle at Montrose so we can walk down what is a much more pleasant track.

A visit to our packs by a snake that once disturbed just slithered gently away; I missed it myself but the others were animated and seemed to have enjoyed the spectacle.  It was not as unwelcome as the ticks that seemed to be about.; hopefully no one went home with an undesirable passenger.

It was quite warm working especially during times in full sun and no wonder as the temperature recorded in Hobart got above 32°.

Close to all in the Spanish Heath in the immediate surrounds was cleared and then moved to a site last worked on February 2015 but only found a few plants. Some of this area had been sprayed since which considerably reduced the work.  On passing another area, whilst heading back to cars, a number of mostly smallish plants 30-50cm were noticed and will be tackled on the next visit in April.

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