UTAS CARES works to develop sustainable collaborative arrangements between UTAS staff and students and a broad range of grassroots ecological community volunteer (CARE) groups. It is interested in promoting both volunteer and research (citizen science) engagement opportunities that connect the two.

Recently, in partnership with UTASLife, we have joined with Kingborough Council, Natural Resource Management South, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, and with local Bruny Island residents, to plant 400 trees, as part of a nature rehabilitation project. Find out more about our in this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-rOpLPKDxU  .

We are currently exploring options to support the expansion of this partnership into 2017 and are interested in hearing from any CARE groups who need a hand on a Saturday or Sunday. There is lots of interest from the students but neither UTAS CARES nor UTASLife have ongoing funding to support the associated costs (of transport etc.). These are currently $810 for a 48 seater bus and driver or $250 for a self-drive 12 seater bus.

We are looking for real partnerships – we want to do the work with local groups, not for local groups. In keeping with the UTASLife mission, we are also looking to include a range of activities in any one day. The Bruny Island trip included 2-3 hours volunteering, some recreational walking, sightseeing and even a bit of souvenir shopping!

If you think this sounds like something your group is interested in, please email e.shannon@utas.edu.au by Friday 30 September 2016.