Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

Having hedge trimmers made a huge difference to what could be achieved in clearing the track to Mount Connection in Wellington Park. Our group purchased one last year, after seeing how effective the Parks & Wildlife Service’s one was, and had already tested it out on this very track. On this trip, Peter and Josh from PWS shared operating one whilst Greg K and Adrian used ours.

Cutting back the overgrowing vegetation
Vegetation now clear of boardwalk, cut with hedge trimmer
Meanwhile the remainder of the party concentrated on the taller bushes and small trees that needed pruning with the result of tremendous 1.25k of track being rejuvenated.
One of the advantages of working with PWS is vehicle access, and on this occasion, it was along the rough and at times steep Big Bend Fire Trail allowing at least some of our party to get a lift close to the work site. Even so, with such a great turnout of volunteers not all could be accommodated and had to walk.
Craspedia alpina
Work finished some 600 metres shy of the crest of Mount Connection and about 1.8k from the end at the   East West Fire Trail. It will now be more productive to start from that point when the work is recommenced in February.
A photo album is online.



Morning break at Mount Connection track