For 20 years, the Friends of Mount Field have been looking after the Lake Nicholls track that goes to Mount Field East.

Lake Nicholls

Lake Nicholls

This Saturday, get out into nature and join the Friends of Mount Field working bee. Concentrating on the maintenance of the track to Lake Nicholls in stunning Mount Field National Park.

The work involves trimming vegetation and, in some sections, hardening it with rock.

The sidetrack to Beatties Tarn, with aid of the local Parks and Wildlife Services, was reopened by diverting it around wet areas and the hut at Lake Nicholls also requires maintenance.

What to bring

Volunteers need to have suitable footwear and clothing for a variety of weather conditions that can be met in a high-altitude environment. Bring your lunch, water, and comfortable walking shoes. It involves a walk on a bush track for 45 minutes each way.

The details

When: Saturday 19 June

Time: 8 am to 5 pm

Location: Mount Field Visitors Centre, 66 Lake Dobson Road.

To spend the day in nature, check your Wildcare membership is up-to-date and register here.