Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

Party on Thark Ridge

Wildcare’s Friends of Wellington Park established with the aim of maintaining and enhancing the flora and fauna of the park that includes Hobart’s major natural icon – Mt Wellington, and to educate Park users of the high biodiversity values and ways to protect them. While their main focus has been on weed control/eradication, their work has now¬†expanded to assisting land managers, particularly the Parks & Wildlife Service with maintenance and improvement of walking tracks.

At last, with the greenlight given, work got underway in creating a new route to replace the degraded and slightly difficult old track. The old way also has a dangerous crossing of large boulders in one part of it.
On reaching the marker tapes placed out previously, we fine tuned the route and work soon got underway. A surprisingly 210 metres of track was made by the five of us, which was quite an achievement.

“We find the work very satisfying and enjoyable.”

There remains 300m below to reach the Devils Throne Track and 180m above to the Thark Ridge Track still to clear. Each end will be done last and signed posts placed to direct walkers along the new track.

Regular working bees are held on the first Tuesday of each month with various other days during the year.