Friends of Mt Field

A wet area stemming from the outlet from Beatties Tarn has created an almost creek like conditions on a short section of the track to Lake Nicholls.  A reroute around was investigated but the preferred remedy is to build up part of the existing track with rocks.
Work was commenced on what was a quite warm day and a substantial number of rocks were added.  Large volumes of water can flow over this section of track, so where possible large rocks that hopefully would stay above water level on all but a few extremely wet periods were added.
Close to half the 130 metres length was done and another session will be arranged later in the year.
It will be interesting to view the area after substantial rain.
After lunch, which was accompanied by a host of march flies, we walked to the Lake Nicholls hut to repair a hole in the roof and Greg added a couple of new information sheets to the display board. On returning to the main site, another hour of rock work was completed before quitting after a solid days work.