Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

Despite a predicted temperature range of -1° to 7° for the top of Mt Wellington, seven volunteers attended the Thark Ridge working bee on Tuesday 3rd September. We started in fine but overcast conditions. After walking a short distance we began to encounter snow on the ground and were soon up to our knees in it. The snow-free sections of the track were often under running water. However the clouds cleared, the sky was blue, the sun shone and there was little wind so the conditions turned out to be quite enjoyable — certainly hope that our two first-time members agree and come again.

The plan of hardening the track (placing rocks in muddy sections) was abandoned — too much snow to find any rocks (although Greg did locate one just to keep his hand in). We mainly pruned encroaching vegetation, some just before the ascent to the ridge top, and the remainder (mostly Orites acicularis) at the top in the vicinity of the junction of the Thark Ridge and Devils Throne Tracks. Greg also attached several direction markers to existing posts. In all we walked a bit under 5 km, not too bad considering the snow.

Adrian Blackman