Sea spurge is still a pest at Narawantapu. It is on hold because Wildcare, Friends of Narawantapu have some funding to allow spraying on November 15th (King tide) to help knock this beasty over. This does not mean we have been resting on our shovels instead once a month we have been the labourers for parks.

Fun has been had rehabilitating cute fire stove only  camp grounds, attacking overgrown shrubs and flattening out the main area of Springlawn ready for the influx of caravans and campers in the school holidays. I suppose this does mean we have been resting on our shovels.

The park with its newly manicured camp sites, freshly gravelled access roads and a repaired  bridge entrance(this was damaged in the July floods)means that it is looking fabulous. There is still plenty of water laying around which make the bird hide area really interesting. We just need to encourage the birds back.

All in all it has been fun and as the team are taking a bit of a rest until the spraying is done there will be more updates on our next working bees.

Stayed tuned.