Friends of Freycinet

Schouten Island. 24 February to 10 March 2015
This work bee has been designed to fit within the Campground host Program 2 week timeslots. As a result we will be there for 2 weeks. We will not be flat out working for the whole period, and may do whatever is required of us in relation to the influx of visitors to the island during this busy period.
Nevertheless we will continue to vanquish the vinca by spraying, hand weeding, and carpet laying. As always we will gnash gorse wherever we find it, engage in a little ‘thistle do us’, purge the sea spurge scourge, and maybe pick some apple(s) of Sodom. There will be ample time off.
At present we have our full quota of 8 (2 boatloads), but contact us if you wish to be considered should there be cancellations. Register you interest via the event calendar.
Dave Harris 6229 5466
Sally Salier 0438 897 533