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Tom Thumb Track

The track to Tom Thumb has been subject to a few comments about it being scrubby and there has been confusion as to where it starts for some people. 
 On this opportune day we set off with Peter from PWS down the rough Big Bend Fire Trail in a tough 4WD to add a sign to mark the start and to remove some of the scrub which is doing its best to obliterate parts of the track. The post was set in concrete at the side of the fire trail and the vegetation pressing on was cut back modestly.
Greg and Peter preparing to concrete the pole


Greg B and Greg K clearing the overgrrown track
The track is now obvious although it is still rough underfoot with some scrambling over boulders still needed to get to the top. Some bauera heavily impacting the early part of the way remains and will be cut back at a later date.
On the drive out we stopped at the junction of the East West and Mount Hull fire trails to check on an old Erica location.  Unfortunately, we discovered quite several plants there. These had grown since our last visit in June 2013. Hopefully all were removed including those found growing within the cheeseberry bushes which are now vigorously colonising the site.
Overgrown start of track to Tom Thumb


Cleared start of track to Tom Thumb