Friends of Mt Field

Marriotts Falls Track

After preparing holes for plants at the open area on the track to Marriotts Falls two weeks prior we again went to help the children from Westerway Primary School put them in. It was for National Tree Day and is a Wilds’Cool project

Happily, the weather was pleasant and the kids enjoyed themselves, especially watering the plants.

Whilst there we took the opportunity to get rid of a large yellow berried Holly tree.

At the planting site on Marriotts Falls Track, Dianna, Larissa and Shirley


Stakes marking the locations for the plants
The site after planting with tall tree guards to prevent wallaby browsing


The Holly bush now removed.


Below is a series of photos taken on the planting for National Tree Day by Pip Gowen, the Regional
Volunteer Facilitator from PWS.

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