Wildcare Friends of the Penguin Cradle Trail

This information is correct at Sept 2016. We hope to have an update available early December 2016.

North West Tasmania suffered a rain event in June 2016 that caused major flooding in many areas. The Penguin Cradle Trail has also suffered damage. The Leven River catchment has been hard hit and in places the water was 6 to 8 metres above normal river levels. Bridges have been damaged or missing in the Gunns Plains / Loongana area.

The track is not closed however there are trees across the track and land slips that may impede your progress. Some detouring will be required around affected areas and walking off track is a possibility and this should be considered when planning your trip. It will be some time before a full assessment and clearing is complete. The track from Dial Road near Penguin to Taylors Flats at the base of Black Bluff has been affected.

The section of the PCT from Penguin to Gunns Plains has an alternate route suggested to bypass the Lobster Creek Tramway. The Tramway is from Dial Road to Purtons Flats. It has some tree and flood debris on it as well as river bank erosion that has taken away parts of the formed track.

The use of road transport between Gunns Plains and Taylors Flats at Loongana is suggested. There are a lot of trees across the track as well as eroded river banks that in places have severely damaged the original formed track. The condition of Blackwood Camp and the track south to Griffiths Ridge is not known at this time.

The section from Taylors Flats across the Black Bluff Range to Cradle Mountain was unaffected by floods.

Last year’s proposed PWS fuel reduction burn in the Speeler Plains area didn’t go ahead and is now planned for sometime in Spring 2016.

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