Friends of Mt Field

Lake Fenton 

The weather prospects were a bit disconcerting, but the day turned out not too bad at all. Even at the exposed area at lake Fenton, which is subject to the brunt of any wind, there was no problem working, even though a bit blustery and chilly.

Party at Belcher Hut, Lake Fenton
Greg B, Sue, Shirley, Greg K, Adrian & Peter O


Greg worked out the tasks and the main jobs were completed by lunchtime. Greg K took to the chainsaw to cut drift logs that posed a threat to the bridge at Lake Fenton and Peter F stacked the sawn logs for firewood use. 

Driftwood logs ready for firewood

Adrian began trimming the track that passes the hut whilst Sue and Shirley assisted with hand loppers and saws. 

Cleared track

In the meantime, Greg B and Peter O installed signage, including a “you are here’ one.

You are here sign
Morning drink break and lunch were inside the historic Belcher Hut where it was rather pleasant out of the elements and getting sun through the window.With an early departure from up at Lake Fenton we had time to replace a couple of plants on the path to Russell Falls and adjust some stakes protecting plants. After a walk along the new track to the falls we had ample time for a hot drink at the café and get home before dark.