As part of our website improvement program we have implemented online membership cards. This allows you to print your own membership cards immediately after you have renewed your membership. Simply login to the website (Members, Login) and you will find all the links on your account page. If you are already logged in, then its Members, Edit Profile.


After some member feedback, we have also added a link so that you can quickly renew your membership. Please check that your details match your credit card when paying and consider purchasing a longer membership term of 2, 5 or even 10 years! This really helps Wildcare in reducing our administration efforts.

This month we are also going through our records and merging any duplicate member records. Unfortunately these duplicates have occurred over time due to the processing between Parks & Wildlife and Wildcare. If you think there is an error with your membership then please contact the webmaster in the first instance as it may be related to the duplicate issue.

If your membership has expired then there will be a large EXPIRED across the card.

expired member


If you have never logged into the members area before then please contact the webmaster via email and he can arrange to get you set up with a password.

If you have just forgotten your password then it can be recovered online –¬†https://wildcaretas.org.au/my-account/lost-password/

Cheers for now – Phil, Volunteer Webmaster