Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park


What Gorse that remains in the bush on the southern edge of Inglewood Fire Trail should easily be cleared up with one more session. An impressive volume was cut down at our latest event and all up it has been a splendid effort of 15 sessions over 7 years for the 500 metre long strip of land.

Special moring tea from COH Bushcare


Ted at work


Area recently cleared


The chicken moving about looking for morsels during our lunch break


From the beginning we were joined by a a most strange looking breed of chicken, which stayed with us all the time and even attempted to nab our strawberries.   These strawberries were all part of a delightful morning tea provided to the group by the City of Hobart Bushcare.
An inspection of the previous worked  areas revealed only an occasional missed plant and the opposite side worked between 2007 and 2011 also was free of new plants, except for small quantities of  Erica just inside the boundary.

The bush on northern side where gorse was removed in 2009

A photo album is online.