Friends of Mt Field

A new boardwalk has been completed at Mount Field National Park, to both protect the fragile alpine plants and improve walker experience.

This ambitious project by the Friends of Mount Field has been completed both on time and on budget. Construction of a top quality boardwalk over Windy Moor now allows walkers to traverse this fragile and
valuable place in comfort while no longer causing environmental damage. The project, which took a little over two years from conception to completion, was largely funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund; additionally, there were several other contributors, both groups and individuals.

Attempting the wiring, Greg and Trevor


It is on the walk to Mount Field East Track, which starts at Lake Fenton and involves a gradual uphill climb to and then across Windy Moor. A final steep section leads to the summit of Mount Field East (1274 metres).  The Friends of Mount Field have long had an ambition to protect Windy Moor with a boardwalk, preventing further damage and allowing the region to rehabilitate itself. In total the moorland crossing extends for a kilometre and over 900 metres of it now has an all-weather wooden boardwalk raised above the worst of the degraded track.

Planking over damaged moor


A full report has been written by our Secretary, Adrian Blackman, and will be offered for publication in Wildtimes.