Friends of Mt Field

The first job was staining the planking recently installed at the start of the Mount Field East walking track.  Previously we had bought a brown coloured stain but Brendan, the Ranger in Charge, thought a darker colour would give a better blend with the environment.  Chocolate was our selection but when applied it at first seemed a funny grey then quickly went almost black.  We did think that Brendan might not be too happy with the colour, but he did want it darker and darker it certainly was.  On returning a couple of hours later it was a relief to see it had dried to a dark sort of brown, and did in fact look quite good.  We will now have to wait to hear what Brendan thinks of it; hopefully he will give it the OK.
Adrian staining upper section
All the new sections had wire placed down on them to reduce the chances of people slipping. A staple gun was used and it did make a good job of it and probably had an advantage over hand nailing.  The real power advantage for the day, however, was our hedge trimmer which chopped through the bauera on the early stages of the track between lakes Fenton and Webster.  It left the lopper users to concentrate on the larger bushes and small trees along the track.
Greg removing Bauera with hedge trimmer of Fenton Webster track
An additional 44 metres has now been added to the earlier 80 metres of planking on the early part of the Field East track, making a total of 124 metres.  Enough timber exists on site for an 18-metre section which is to be placed a little further up the track, over a section of numerous exposed root. 
The same timber with  old colour on left and with new on right same