Get your copy of the Maatsuyker Nov 2017 newsletter Here.

2017 was an exciting year for the Friends of Maatsuyker. Read our brilliant newsletter to find out what fantastic things FOMI branch has been up to – and maybe brag about us to your friends so they can join us too.

Learn about the building maintenance program that is restoring the houses and other buildings at Maat.

See for yourself the haulage-way trolley restoration.

Learn more about the fantastic signal flags project.

Revisit the experience, or regret that you missed, Inspired Solitude: artistic interpretations of Maatsuyker Island the remarkable exhibition of Maatsuyker inspired artworks at the Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny Farm that was held in October.

Meet the summer 2017-2018 caretakers Taylor and Jesse (if you are not already following their blog, ‘The Lighthouse Keepers’ then you should be).

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