Friends of Maatsuyker Island

Maatsuyker Island Caretaker Program

Editor’s note June 2020: Applications for the Maatsuyker Island Volunteer Caretaker Program have closed and placements filled until September 2022. The next round of placements will be advertised in June/July 2021 and will be advertised on the Parks and Wildlife Service and Wildcare websites.

 Maatsuyker Island 

Applications are now being sought from suitably qualified people for the Maatsuyker Island Caretaker Program.  This program is managed by the Parks & Wildlife Service (Email: to apply). The PWS website is a useful source of information on all PWS managed caretaking opportunities.

The Maatsuyker Island Volunteer Caretaker Program is designed to provide a year round presence in this remote location.

Volunteers provide caretaking services for the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) including maintenance of grounds and buildings, plant and equipment, monitoring of all power and water systems, basic land management work, and carry out weather observations for the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) for which you receive payment.

Participants are required to live on Maatsuyker Island continuously for a period of 6 months. Due to the isolation and remoteness of the island and associated safety implications, the program requires a minimum of two adults. Only applicants who can demonstrate that they can live and work together in a remote location will be accepted. Due to the remoteness of Maatsuyker Island, and associated safety, logistic, and resourcing implications, children are deemed unsuitable for this program. Placements are for 6 months duration and are available for the following periods:

 March 2020 – September 2020
 September 2020 – March 2021
 March 2021 – Sept 2021
 September 2021- March 2022
 March 2022 – September 2022

Please read this information package to determine if you are eligible to apply.

In particular, you must be able to meet the following essential requirements:

 Pass a medical (including dental) examination demonstrating a high level of physical fitness;
 Demonstrate an established relationship with a dual applicant;
 Be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia;
 Obtain essential qualifications – radio licence and first aid certificate;
 Drivers licence;
 Police check clearance; and
 Attend a face to face interview in Hobart on the 2-3rd September 2019.

To apply, complete this application form and provide a separate statement addressing the selection criteria.

Applications must be submitted by 8th August 2019 via email to or by post to:

Maatsuyker Island Caretaker Program
Parks and Wildlife Service
22 Main Street

Wildcare Opportunities

Wildcare Tasmania is pleased to share this caretaking opportunity on behalf of PWS. If you are reading this, then you are most likely the kind of person who is up for a challenge and likes adventure. You might be interested to check out the wild volunteering opportunities through Wildcare.

Wildcare offers many opportunities (listed on our calendar) to make a difference in beautiful places, working in close partnership with government agencies who have responsibility for managing our environment as well as with local government and private landowners.