Friends of Mt Field

Although a heavy snowfall occurred early in the week, by Saturday there was none whatsoever on the lake Nicholls track. It was a perfect late autumn day without wind and a cloudless sky. The work site was the one section of track without heavy tree cover, so we were able to get the maximum benefit.

The track is in very good order and on solid ground with the exception the short but very wet section caused from the outflow from Beatties Tarn. It has long been a problem area and work was started in February this year. With lots of water now flowing onto the track it was an opportune time to return and we concentrated mainly on the most northerly end.

It was fortunate that a good supply of rocks was located that was not far from the track and whilst some collected these rocks others placed them in the track. Very appreciative comments were received from the groups passing walkers. The other main project was to divert a stream that was gushing water onto the track and it proved to be surprisingly easy to do. Once a large rock was to be removed to let the water change direction the rest of the task of digging a trench to take the water proved to be rock free and soon the water was racing in the desired direction.

While this was going on, work was continuing on eliminating the cutting grass and other bushes growing onto this bit of track, then to finish the day we did trimming work on the track back down to the car plus sawing through some tree and shrub trunks that were in the way.


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