12 young people (newly arrived to Tasmania) recently undertook a 2 day leadership course as part of the Wildcare Get Outside Project, funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund. These young leaders spent two days observing, participating, practising and playing lots of games. Some of the topics covered included different leadership styles, group management, communication skills both verbal and non verbal, group safety, leave no trace messages and public speaking. For people whose English is not their first language (over half of the leaders spoke more that four other languages) leading a bush walk in Tasmania, being responsible for a group of people, public speaking and conducting sensory experiences in the bush environment  for a group of people is not easy, these young people did brilliantly.

The next stage of their leadership development is to help plan, recruit people from their own communities to attend, and run a trip over the next two months . This is then followed by a three day trip to Lake St Clair in mid winter! These young leaders are also keen to join other Wildcare opportunities like local helping out at Wildcare Branch working bees and taking up care-taking opportunities around the state.

This project could not happen without the support of Wildcare volunteers or our partners the Parks and Wildlife Service, so we thank them for all that they do. If you are interested in being part of the Get Outside with Community Project don’t forget to make sure your Wildcare membership is up to date and to remember join our branch – Get Outside.

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