Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

For years we have known of a thick patch of Erica at Goat Hills but have confined our efforts to just contain any expansion from the site.  An offer was received from NRMSouth for a Green Army group for two days, and the chance to tackle this problem area meant a quick acceptance.

Green Army in the scrub at Goat Hills


 The extent of the weed removal was very good and a considerable belt was cleared.  Much of the Erica was within thick bush and often the many these weeds were massed together in myriad of trunks. Fortunately, the soil was soft from all the rain over recent weeks and could be pulled out.
The effort from this cheerful bunch of people is greatly appreciated by both the Wellington Park Bushcare Group and Jarrah from Glenorchy Council. And Sophia, the Green Army supervisor makes a tasty chocolate cake.

Green Army  at Lunch Goat Hills



The site is 13000 sq metres (1.3 Hectares) The area cleared was approx. 1,000 sq m which about   half or more of the concentrated outbreak zone with the balance more with sporadic patches  .

Thanks to NRMSouth for making it possible for us to obtain the Green Army for the two days.

The area worked is marked on map below and a satellite view is further below 



More photos are online.