Imagine a world unpolluted with rubbish..

Cannot imagine that?

Well, how about a major slice of our beautiful East Coast cleaned up?

I can imagine that!

Apparently a lot of other people have vivid imaginations too because NRM and local councils, community organisations and businesses all up and down the east coast have joined together to stage the  Great Eastern Cleanup to be run during October.

Obviously the PWS at Freycinet are involved considering the large areas they manage.

Need feet on the ground?  Enter the Wildcare Friends of Freycinet who just happened to have  scheduled a week long work bee from 8 to 13 October a long time ago.  We did not imagine at the time just what we would be doing.

Imagine the effort involved in;

 .   walking the whole of Friendly, Wineglass Bay, Hazards, and Richardson’s Beaches.

.   walking Bryan’s, Passage and Sandspit beaches.  Transport courtesy of Freycinet Marine Farm  

.   cleaning up the Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach campsites.

.   cleaning up the Wineglass Bay Lookout and Isthmus tracks.

.   cleaning up the Cape Tourville lighthouse track and carpark.

.   cleaning up the Sleepy Bay track

.  cleaning up around the PWS Visitors Centre.

.   cleaning up about 6 kms of the Moulting Lagoon foreshore.  (That’s for the birds!)


Well, that is what we did!  

And just imagine, we had time to spend a day tackling skyscraper high gorse at Seymour with the local group.


And, one barbeque is fine but imagine one barbie put on by the Freycinet Association Inc. to celebrate all the various vollies groups in the area, and one put on at the end for just us by our friends at PWS Freycinet.  I cannot imagine it gets any better than that.

By wordsmith, Dave Harris, President of the Friends of Freycinet.