Friends of Mt Field

A Friends of Mount Field project on the Lakes Belton and Belcher Track

A 400 metre section of track down to the Humboldt River remained to be done and we managed to complete the clearing back of vegetation along 320 metres, including segments on the buttongrass flat prior to the river crossing. Although there are a few protruding bushes along the remaining 80 metres they are not enough to worry about at this stage.

Our initial work on the track on this lower section was back in 2006 as the track above was still in reasonable condition at that time. In the intervening 9 years the vegetation had grown into the track but did not impeded access, but nevertheless was in need of clearing and also to bring it to match the work done above. These latter sections gradually grew over the track and by 2011 signs of needing work were evident.

In all we have worked on the 2140 metre section of track five times now. The upper sections were done in three sessions starting in Dec 2011 then Feb and March 2014.

The day was very pleasant with little wind and clear skies.  The walk in entailed crossing a very wet Wombat Moor and took us was a bit over 1:30 to get to the work site.

Gums at the saddle on the track over Wombat Moor