Friends of Mt Field

Lake Nicholls Track

Saturday 20 January 2018
On a warm sunny morning we organised the tasks to be undertaken. Alan opted to spend the day watering plants at the visitor centre, while the rest of us either went for trimming vegetation or adding marker poles to the upper sections of the track between Lake Rayner and the Field East summit junction. The catch with the poles work was that they had to be carried the 2.5k to the site, and fortunately there were sufficient people willing for this.
Lake Nicholls
Apart from those well-watered plants, some 400 metres of track were cleared between Lake Nicholls and the scree above Lake Rayner, marker poles with arrows added to the scree crossing and over the moor to the Mount Field East junction and a “you are here” sign moved to a new pole.
Adding a pole to mark the way – Trevor and Greg
Repositioned “you are here” sign

During the day we did make time to enjoy the tarns, lakes and scenery. There were lots of walkers out on this nice day and many passed comments of appreciation for the work that we have done on the track.

Olearia persoonioides  Mountain Daisy Bush


Windy Moor


A day walking, carrying and working certainly means, for some of us at least, a good sleep that night.

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