The newly graduated Get Outside Leaders organised and ran a trip for their elders to Mount Field National Park recently. It was a brilliant trip with 42 people including elders and children, strolling to Russell Falls and picnicking followed by dancing by the river. The oldest person was 82 and said through an interpreter “this beautiful place reminds me of the jungle in Bhutan, I am very happy to be walking here”, some of the other elders said “I am very proud of what these young people are doing, this is good for our old people, and good for our community”.

Jodie Epper , the Get Outside Co-ordinator said “this is one of the best trips that we have been involved with, it was led and organised so beautifully by this awesome team of young people, including the cooking for 42 people”.

“Just when I think the trips cant get any better the young people organise another trip that outshines the one before” she said.

The Get Outside Program takes newly arrived migrants alongside local Tasmanians into our national parks for health and well being outcomes including walking in the fresh air, meeting new friends and having fun.