Friends of Tasman Island




Come along to our special meeting – on the Tasman Peninsula!

There won’t be a lot of business discussed but there will be supper and two special presentations!! So please pass onto friends and family who may be interested in finding out more about Tasman Island, our working bees or just coming along to watch the DVD presentations.

The meeting will be held at the Eaglehawk Neck Community Hall 5.30 pm Tuesday 17 March – potential new members, visitors, Tasman Peninsula locals, lighthouse lovers welcome. Please bring a plate of food to share (oven available for warming food but preference to bring food that doesn’t require reheating, focus on finger food). Tea and coffee provided. Gold coin donation to cover costs of hall hire. Friends of Tasman Island fundraising merchandise will be available for sale (beanies, drink holders, handbook, model cardboard kits of Tasman tower, cards 2015 Calendars (only $5)

The first half hour will focus on:
The 2015 Easter Working Bee – update and things to do
Discussion on the 2016 Lighthouses of Tasmania Calendar.

At about 6pm, thanks to our historian Erika Shankley, we will watch the Southern Cross Television (SCT) programme Island Lights, first shown on SCT in 1988.

With a narrator giving historic details & interviews with keepers from those stations that hadn’t yet been de-manned – including Alan Levings and Cyril Griffiths. You even get a small peek at the Cape Don, at anchor off Deal Island.

It’s a 50 minute production covering all the manned (& formerly manned) lights around the Tasmanian coast and Bass Strait islands, as well as a few ‘tupperware’ ones. Its guaranteed to bring pharophiles (lovers of lighthouses) & history buffs out of the woodwork.

The film certainly gives you a sense of what we’ve lost – finishing up with Tasman Island, 11 years after the keepers left. The relief keeper’s house is still standing but the others are already looking down at heel. A sequence of a couple of blokes clambering down the haulage shows it to be already overgrown & the machinery on the landing rusting away. Very emotive and well worth seeing.

After supper and socialising be absolutely entertained by ‘first timer’ Jan Perkins’ recording of our February 2014 Working Bee

On every working bee, someone takes on the responsibility of the daily photographing of the team at work and play and typing up the days’ work activities, as well as the compilation of working bee images for both Parks and FoTI. Besides all her other work during her first 10 days on the island, Jan took the role of paparazzi seriously

Through her beautiful images and captions that will make you chuckle, Jan has captured the essence of what we do on working bees and what an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity it is to join one of our memorable, tick it off your bucket list experience, working bees. Jan has also captured the natural awesome beauty of Tasman Island and Cape Pillar.

It’s a meeting not to miss! Hope to see many of our Tasman Peninsula supporters!