In 2022 Friends of Tamar Island Wetlands Reserve was successful in winning community support through the  Great Regional City Challenge for the renovation of Cormiston Creek Track. This short track (about 900 m) runs from Riverside to the car park of the Tamar Island Wetlands Reserve, which is one of those precious pieces of Launceston magic.

The community voted for our renovation project and supported our bid for $10000.

The first stage of the work was done in 2022 and funded by Parks & Wildlife Service. The Parks & Wildlife Service staff from the Tamar Field Centre completed the final stage of the renovation (funded by the Great Regional City Challenge grant) just before Easter 2023.

The final stage was not an easy project involving

  • removing old broken and choked concrete culverts and replacing them with new plastic culverts;
  • shovelling, moving and then whacking! lots of gravel.

The Field Centre staff are to be congratulated as walking/riding the track should now be a much less splashy and muddy experience.