Our first session at Boneseed and Boxthorn Attack on Shark Point on Sunday 18th April

Our group made a significant impact on the long established stand of these noxious invasive weed shrubs in mid-April. Our mission is to eventually remove these plants from this area as they have excluded the native shrubs and understorey from re-establishment.



  1. Viv happily weeding Boneseed at Shark Point; 2. Dave ; 3. Shirley; Bob, Collette and Mona; 4. Allan and Gill; 5. Mona, Dave, Bob, Kathy, Viv and Shirley; 6. Georgie, Mona, Bob, Kathy, Shirley and Viv; 7. Boxthorn mess before and 8. Pile of weeded Boxthorn after.