The Wildcare Friends of Pitt Water-Orielton Lagoon are back in action and commencing 2020 with a ‘Clean-up Pitt Water Shoreline’ event on Sunday 15th March.  (Click here to register).

The event is expected to run from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm, with opportunity to have a drink and snack in the mid-morning. For those who would like to participate, we invite you to bring along a plate of something to share for a picnic lunch on a verandah, after the event.

The event is also registered as part of a “Clean-up Australia Everyday” event and as such we have been provided with 10 large durable bags, 10 pairs of gloves and a sharps container. We will bring a few buckets for collecting glass bottles into. There will be some extra bags and gloves.

Please bring or wear: sturdy shoes; sun hat; sunscreen; gloves (as back up if you have any); long sleeves and long pants.

Also, please bring a day pack to carry your water/ drink and snack for morning tea.

Lunch: Please bring a plate of finger food to share, if you would like to stay a bit longer for a verandah picnic. At lunch we will discuss the projects we have in mind for the group and your suggestions.