Friends of Freycinet

Retirement by definition means to leave the workforce behind. However, retirement isn’t just sitting around, or playing bowls. It’s an opportunity to do all those things you may not have had the chance to do while you were busy working or raising a family. Wildcare Friends of Freycient president Jenny Baulis knows first-hand.

Woman leaning on a rail on a lookout

Friends of Freycient president Jenny Baulis

Volunteering during retirement

Volunteering during retirement provides a fantastic opportunity to support those causes you believe in, meet new people, and continue to use those skills you have spent many years developing in the workforce. Wildcare members volunteer in some of the most stunning locations in Tasmania. Scientific studies show that volunteering has a whole host of benefits to help you be forever vibrant.

Initially volunteering with Wildcare 22 years ago, Jenny and her husband enjoyed the experience. But with the arrival of their first child, life got busy and other things took priority.  Now retired, they have the time to enjoy those things they always planned on doing.

“Everyone was so friendly, back when we volunteered originally, we decided to come back”, Jenny explained.

Jenny re-joined Wildcare Tasmania’s Friends of Freycinet a few years ago, and now as a volunteer, uses her skills to assist Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers in a range of duties to help care for the Freycinet National Park. Jenny’s husband, an avid rock climber proposed to her on the top of Mount Graham.  Having a special connection to the area, over the years they hiked, climbed, and explored the area.

“We are avid bushwalkers and decided to give back to the parks. By volunteering, you have the opportunity to go to places that you wouldn’t normally get access to”.

“We are still very active people, so volunteering gives us an opportunity to keep active”. Jenny Baulis, president of Friends of Freycient.

Join one of Wildcare Tasmania’s volunteer groups

There are about 60 different Wildcare Tasmania volunteer groups from across the state. Many of these are looking for new volunteers. You can dedicate as much or as little time as you want.

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