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Thark Ridge

Uncertainty about the weather made the decision to go ahead with the work difficult. If made according to the forecast then it would have been cancelled, especially given that the work was in an alpine environment. However, there have been several occasions where the day turned out nicer than expected, so a decision was left until the morning of the event. It was a bright sunny morning and any showers at least a couple of hours off. In fact, it was only just before getting back to the cars that a few light spots started.

The first half of the Thark Ridge track between Big Bend and the Thark saddle was given a trim and some known damp spots hardened with rock. The initial sections were cleared in 2012 and this was the first follow up.  The other task was to replace track markers that had been broken by someone for a reason only known to themselves, but to us it seemed plain destructive vandalism.

Large rock placed in a known wet spot on the track
John pruning the yellowbush

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