On Sunday 1st November our enthusiastic group resumed tackling the Fennel, Briar Roses, Boxthorn and thistles for a few hours. We continued to clear the invasive plants from the eastern end of Penna Beach where the growth is lush and tall. There are wet soaks at this end including a few little water holes filled with Bull Rushes. It was easy to get a boot filled….


Despite a cool start we soon got hot and sweaty doing this work. The water in the bay looked tempting, but we restrained ourselves. Our mascot Queenie also had to be restrained from helping too much with catching flying fennel, her favourite!  So she was moved to various anchorages. But she kept us entertained and our eardrums challenged…..

Photos: 1. Kathy carrying a bouquet of fennel; 2. Bob and David gathering milk thistles; 3. Pam and Mona carrying bunches of fennel; 4. Kathy cutting and pasting; 5.Queenie, our mascot of the day; 6. Jean, Bob, Kathy, Mona, David and Pam; 7. And again except Georgie swapped places with Mona.