Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

There is now a new track from Thark Ridge to Devils Throne. On reaching the prominent saddle on Thark Ridge the new track is some 50 metres further south, where it then heads west for 730 metres to join the existing track to Devils Throne.

The new track is a safer walk and with a better environmental outcome. The old way went over large boulders that can be dangerous and had parts that had become degraded.

This is the culmination of efforts of the Friends of Wellington Park over 11 years in the Thark Ridge and Devils Throne area. Initially this was clearing and installing marker poles on the section of Thark Ridge south from the saddle towards Mount Montagu. Then followed rerouting of three sections of track between Big Bend and the saddle. We then moved to the Devils Throne Track where a reroute to avoid a wet plain was carried out and the remainder of the track to Devils Throne cleared. Finally, this rerouted connecting track between Thark Ridge and Devils Throne was done.

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