A good-quality turning pitch, lovingly prepared by the Mount Field staff, and a vocal crowd of nearly 200 contributed to making an inaugural T20 cricket match at Mount Field National Park, an overwhelming success.

Parks and Wildlife Service community engagement officer and admitted cricket tragic Sam Cuff, said the event on Saturday, organised by the PWS, Wildcare Inc and the Intercultural Sports League, was part of the Get Outside with Community (GO) program and was aimed at supporting recently arrived Syrian refugees to settle into their new Australian home.

The match featured a PWS team of staff and aspiring cricketers from the community pitting their skills against the Intercultural Sports League ‘dream team’.

The day featured cricket, soccer, rainforest walks and what has become an outstanding feature of all Get Outside with Community activities, a multicultural lunchtime feast.

“This event once again showcased the power that the state’s parks provide to build our community through laughter, exercise and common connections,” Sam said.

Those attending included many recent migrants from Syria and Iraq, as well as Nepal, India and various African nations.

“The GO community leaders did a great job.  Their ability to confidently lead walks and manage the event is a testament to the character of these individuals,” Sam said.

“I’d also like to thank the Mount Field staff who were so supportive of this event; this support contributed greatly to its success. Thanks also to visitor centre coordinator Martin Fieldhouse, who was a surprise talent with his sublime batting skills, even against the towering ranger in charge Brendan Moodie’s pace bowling!”

For more about the Get Outside with the Community program check out the YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZjLa20YrZs