During 2023, Crag Care completed two projects, funded through the Nature and World Heritage cause within the Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund.

1. Development of education tools to support responsible combing practices and the protection of cliff nesting birds in Tasmania

Posters and online materials were created by a professional illustrator to promote community awareness of climber impacts on cliffs in Tasmania and how those impacts can be addressed.

The posters promoted responsible climbing in Tasmania and focussed on the impacts of climbers on cliff nesting birds. They have been put up in Tasmanian climbing gyms and at climbing areas around the state as well as Crag Care’s facebook page.

Crag Care volunteers and members of the climbing community helped develop the poster content, which was further developed by Rachel Tribout a professional illustrator.

The posters are visually beautiful and have been displayed around the state. This has raised the profile climber impacts on Tasmanian crags, and led to better awareness and self management within the community.

2. White Water Wall revegetation and support for weed control using chemicals.

Located in Freycinet National Park, White Water Wall is a popular climbing area, the clifftop of which is vulnerable to erosion due to the windiness of the environment and climber use. Sixty five plants grown from locally sourced seed were planted along the clifftop and a closed 4WD track to help combat erosion. Due to the La Nina year, heavy rain have given the plants a good start and they’re doing really well. Eight Crag Care volunteers did the plantings with support form Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers.

Two Crag care volunteers also gained chemical handling certificates which where put into use at a weed spraying working bee at Fingal (see this blog post).