WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers

Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers Working Bee –  6th and 7th of April

Snow pole preparation:

Old & New Snow poles

Putting on the Reflective tape.

Getting bundles ready to be flown in by helicopter.

Snow pole band… Team.

And ready to go!


Mt Kate Hut Ceiling and Maintenance:

Mount Kate Hut Ceiling – Before

After – Oh what a Ceiling!

Part of the Mt Kate Hut team.

Ceiling Progress.

Stacking timber.

Collecting materials.

Group discussion.

Timber cutting.

The rain didn’t stop work.

Installing the ceiling. 

Mount Kate Hut.







Track work Pruning:

Clearing debris from boardwalks.

Pruning tracks.

Tracks require different pruning techniques, depending on the track rating.