To all our Donors and Wildcare Supporters,

Thank you for being a contributor to Wildcare’s work caring for wild places, wildlife and cultural heritage in Tasmania.

I feel privileged to work in an organisation where people such as you are motivated to give to values driven projects. It’s humbling and also very inspiring.

Your contribution is fundamental to enabling our volunteer ‘army’ of groups to do what they do best. They are pulsing with energy at the moment and many new people are getting involved this year. The appreciation of the intrinsic value of Tasmania’s ‘wilds’ is growing, not just within Tasmania, but worldwide.

I believe that keeping Tasmania’s wild places wild, requires us to work together with endurance and a sense of committed optimism. The last year has shown us how absolutely vital these places are to our physical and mental health.

I hope you find time to take a look at my Report to Donors. It reflects my personal and genuine appreciation of your contribution.

Kind regards,


Sharon Smith

CEO, Wildcare Tasmania